Chinese Culture Activities

Traditional Chinese Wedding Demo

a) Visitors have opportunities to dress up in Chinese style wedding dresses & gowns, and ride on these red wedding carriages. Please remember to take photos for these wonderful memories.

Traditionally, the Chinese bride would wear wedding dresses and sit on a wedding sedan chair to leave her home and go to the groom home on the wedding day in China.

Chinese wedding dresses have attained worldwide fame because of its antique and artistic embroidery. Rituals preceding the Chinese wedding are devoted to its ancient culture and tradition which is still prevalent in China. These rituals have its deep impact on the wedding dress of bride and groom.

Peking Opera Mask Making by University School of Milwaukee
a) Peking Opera mask is a special art in Chinese operas which distinctly show the appearances of different roles as well as their dispositions and moral qualities by means of artistic exaggeration combined with truthful portrayal and symbolism. It also serves to express praise or condemnation toward the characters.

Visitors may learn to create their own masks using line and shape to represent different emotion and expressions.

Traditional Chinese Holiday Demo
1) Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival with dumpling making and lantern making It is a tradition for hong bao, or red envelopes, to be filled with money and given to children on the Chinese New Year. The envelopes are decorated with colorful designs and Chinese characters. The envelopes are red because it symbolizes good luck. Learn how to make a festive hanging decoration using red envelopes.

2) Dragon Boat Festival with Zong Zi making

"Zongzi" is a traditional Chinese food for the Dragon Boat Festival (June 6 in 2011), made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling.

Calligraphy - Auspicious Couplets and Writing Your Name in Chinese

Chinese Tea Ceremony
Chinese tea ceremony is quite a different way to drink tea than either traditional English style or Japanese tea ceremony.

Traditional Chinese tea pots are made of unglazed clay, and have been seasoned from years of use. The clay absorbs the oils from the tea leaves and eventually, over time, can develop a glazed appearance, especially on the inside of the pot.

Ping Pong Demo by Shorewood Table Tennis Club
b) The Shorewood Table Tennis Club will provide one or two table tennis tables for the Chinese Cultural Fest.

The plans include:
* Ping Pong exhibitions.
* Providing the paddles and balls so festival participants could engage in free play.
* A table tennis clinic.
* A walk in tournament for those interested

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Exhibition with Tai Chi Demos by Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee
Traditional Chinese Medicine is an integral part of Chinese culture and has a long history of more than 4,000 years. With its unique diagnostic methods, systematic approach, abundant historical literature and excellent clinical results, Traditional Chinese Medicine, which embodies Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Tui-Na/Acupressure, Qigong/Tai-Chi, among other therapies, has attracted much international attention as it gains popularity here in the West.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Exhibitions include:
* Free Tongue/Pulse Examinations, Qigong DVD/PPT presentations, brochures and table prizes
* Free Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Fan demonstrations

Go (weiqi) fun and tournament
The ancient game of weiqi ("baduk" in Korean and "i-go" in Japanese) is alive and thriving around the world today. The rules are extremely simple yet the game is one of the last games in the world that computers remain unable to beat. With extensive links to Chinese philosophy and Sun Tzu's Art of War, learning to play go gives unparalleled insights into the Chinese mind.

Newcomers are invited to try their hand, and people who have played before are invited to renew their enjoyment of the game. Players of all levels (including beginners) who would like to play seriously are invited to join the official American Go Association tournament taking place on Saturday 7/23. Anyone interested should contact milwaukeego at gmail .