Music and Performance

Throughout the day, we will have performances in 6 major programs. Each show will be repeated a few times during a day so it accommodates visitors coming from different time. We plan to invite professional performance troupes from the United States and overseas to perform in traditional Chinese art forms. Our Mission is to show our appreciation of Chinese Heritage and to promote cultural treasures of China to Milwaukee public.


Come to enjoy real Chinese Cuisine, special dishes only to be found in mainland China. We will have a number of carefully selected and dedicated food service providers. Each will have at least one unique Chinese dish that cannot be found in any local Chinese Restaurants or anywhere in the States.

Dragon Boat Race

To observe the Chinese dragon boat races of today, you can only dream of its meager beginnings in a time when superstitions determined how a person lived. In fact, dragon boat racing began more than 2000 years ago when a group of people believed that the boat racing would ensure prosperous and bountiful crops. Their celebrations took place on the summer solstice - the time of year typically associated with disease and death and when men felt most helpless against the powers of nature. The race has come to symbolize both men struggle against nature and his fight against dangerous enemies. (Excerpt from

Kids Activities

Come to the Chinese Cultural Fest and enjoy cultural rich activities for children and family members. Highlights of children programs

Culture Activities

Peking Opera mask is a special art in Chinese operas which distinctly show the appearances of different roles as well as their dispositions and moral qualities by means of artistic exaggeration combined with truthful portrayal and symbolism. It also serves to express praise or condemnation toward the characters.