Music and Performance

Throughout the day, we will have performances in five major programs. Each show will be repeated a few times during a day so it accommodates visitors coming at different times. We have invited professional performance troupes from the United States and overseas to perform in traditional Chinese art forms. Our Mission is to show our appreciation of Chinese Heritage and to promote cultural treasures of China to the Milwaukee public.

Each major program will begin at:
11 am, July 23rd
2 pm, July 23rd
5 pm, July 23rd
11:30 am, July 24th
2:30 pm, July 24th (Youth Showcase)

1) Chinese Acrobatic

We have invited Liang Acrobatic to perform during the fest. She will perform an acrobat show at 2 pm and 5 pm on July 23rd and at both major programs on July 24th. Liang is a Chinese native and has studied dance and acrobatics since she was very young. She has performed at venues across the globe and has won international acrobatics competitions. Her website is

2) Lion Dance

To open our performances, Shaolin Boxing Methods will perform a traditional lion dance at the beginning of the first major program at 11 am on July 23rd.

3) Chinese Dances

We have invited Hua MuLan Chinese Dance Troupe to perform at the fest. Founded in Madison, Wisconsin, the troupe has been performing for seven years. They will perform various dances throughout the major programs of the fest.

Other dance routines will be performed by the Madison Chinese Cultural Association, the Milwaukee Chinese Community Center, and the OCA Dance Group. All the dances will be extremely diverse, ranging from traditional Chinese folk dances to Tibetan dances.

3) Art troupes from Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison Area

There will be popular art troupes from nearby regions to give performances.

4) Chinese Traditional Folk Music And Singing

The performances will include various musicians performing traditional Chinese instruments such as the Guzheng, a Chinese plucked zither. It will be performed by Miss Emaye. Other instruments include Erhu, a Chinese two-stringed fiddle, and Dizi, a Chinese bamboo flute. Both will be performed by Mr. Joel Xue, an accomplished Chinese musician in Milwaukee.

Mrs. Annie Pang, a well-known professional vocalist, will perform at the fest. She specializes in traditional Chinese folk songs.

5) Peking Opera

The opera combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance, and acrobatics. There will be more focus on acrobatics and Wushu in the opera for the interest of non-Chinese speakers.

6) Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu, Kung-fu)

We have invited groups to perform a variety of Chinese martial arts, including Wushu and Kungfu.

7) Youth Showcase

The final major program at 2:30 pm on July 24th will be a showcase of youth performances. The performances will include youth dances, Chinese instrument solos, and kungfu presentations. The performances highlight talented Chinese children from the Milwaukee and Madison areas.