Oriental Market Place

Oriental Marketplace - one major attractions of the Inaugural Chinese Culture Fest

Offer visitors a pleasant shopping eastern shopping experience without going overseas. Provide additional exposure of local businesses.

July 23-24, 2011, on Milwaukee Art Museum ground

Many local vendors showcasing their products and services to visitors

Number of vendors:
We expect 40 vendors will participate this market.

What to expect:
Products from China as well other counties from East Asia; Services have strong culture eastern culture background; Arts and crafts that would enlighten the entire family; Health and wellness program offer alternatives to traditional medicine

Program set up cost:
In order to make it happen, we need to fence up the facility, setting up tents, making furniture arrangements, provide electricity via generators, and offer security on a 24-hour basis. All in all, we need your support of about $5,000 to make this happen.

How can you help:
Name the oriental marketplace after your business. Or, be a sponsor in any amount that you feel is worth well.

Additional info
visit us at www.chineseculturefest.org/market.php

Contact info:

  Program Director: Mr. Kent Chen
  Tel: (262) 623-8186
  Festival Director: Zhaohui Wang
  Tel: (262) 352-8779
  MCC Presdient: Mr. Peng Gao,
  Tel: (414) 807-1816